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Do & Don’ts

  1. No construction work should be carried out over or adjacent to the pipeline on the pipeline route.
  2. If Oil is found on the pipeline route, Petronet CCK Limited control room or/and the Local Police Station or/and Local fire station should be informed immediately.
  3. For Safety reasons, the public should stay at least 30 meters away from any pool of oil.
  4. Smoking, naked light and the use of any electrical equipment and mobile phones are prohibited within 30 meters of a pool of oil.
  5. In the event of oil spillage in a canal or river, activity in the area must he stopped and people must move away from the area.
  6. Petroleum products are highly inflammable and it is dangerous to handle them.
  7. In the event of oil spillage in fields, all activity in the area must be stopped. This must include ploughing, use of agricultural machinery, irrigation pumps, etc.